Ryan Williams



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newrock.rash

Twitter : twitter.com/rywill940

Email: ryan@940espnfresno.com



Ryan is the flagship host of 940 ESPN Radio. As a valley native, he is a proud product of Clovis High School and he is a 15 year radio veteran. We'll let him introduce himself...


"I'm a life long Central Valley resident. Grew up in Clovis and graduated from Clovis High School. I love competition! So much so that I have a uncontrollable drive to win...at everything. Not to say that I always win, I just hate losing. To give you an example just the other day I beat my six year old son at a basketball video game....89 - 32....The day he beats me he'll know he earned it.

I'm the youngest of four and grew up watching boxing with my older brother and my Grandfather. Not only did I develop my love for competition and sport in my Grandparents living room, I became a very dedicated supporter of the sweet science. If you ever want to start a three hour debate with me, just tell me that boxing is dying, dead or being run out of town by the UFC.

I love the 49ers, the Giants and although I have respect for the Warriors, I'm a Laker fan for life. I've been on the radio here in the valley for almost 15 years and I'm very excited to be part of the 940 ESPN team, a very competitive member of the 940 team."

-Ryan Williams




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